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Planning a Wedding - Bridesmaid Gifts

I see this thread on forums all the time with brides stuck for ideas on what to buy their bridesmaids. It isn't compulsory to buy anyone in the bridal party a gift and it is an added expense to your already stretching budget, but the gift you buy doesn't have to be expensive and I have seem some lovely gifts that have been inexpensive, handmade or personal.

Buying thank you gifts for bridesmaids can be really difficult as you can often be buying gifts for 3-4 girls who have completed different tastes. There isn't any rule that says you need to get everyone the same gift and it can be much more thoughtful to get each bridesmaid a gift that reflects their personality.
Here are some gifts we came across.

1) Jewellery - Jewellery is always a good gift as most people love a delicate pair of earrings, necklace or bracelet. It can be items to match the bridesmaid dress on the wedding day or you can buy something separate that you know they will love.
Wedding jewellery

2) Why not treat your bridesmaids to some make up in their favourite brand?

3) I came across an article where a bride had bought her bridesmaids personalised cartoon strips which are a really cool idea.
The “Adventures Of” are by No-Me illustrations
Wedding Adventures

4) If you like the personalized approach what about a memory box with photos of holidays together, hen night or items that are special to you both?
Memory box

5) You can't go wrong with a bottle of bubbly, and even better if you can get it personalized.
Personalised bottle

6) A bottle of your bridesmaids perfume will be a lovely gift

7) Your bridesmaids will have worked hard to help you plan your day so you could always thank them with a voucher for a spa day,  manicure or massage.

8) There are some stunning little clutch bags out there, that would make a perfect gift

9) Why not treat your bridesmaids to have their hair and makeup on the wedding day?
Wedding Day

10) There are some beautiful, high quality candles out there to purchase and you could give them one in their favorite scent.
Wedding Candles

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