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Planning a Wedding - Bridesmaids Dresses

Picking a bridesmaids dress can be difficult as you are often trying to cater for a group of ladies who are all different sizes, suit different styles or colour and have different tastes. Normally brides will pick one style of dress, but it is becoming more popular to have the same colour dress but in different styles to suit each person or having the same style dress in different colours if there is more than one colour used in the wedding. Ombre has become a popular choice and having different shades of bridesmaid dress is a great way to carry on this theme.

It can be a daunting task to pick a dress as there are so many different styles to choose from with strapless, floor length, mid length, short along with every colour available. You may also be under pressure to please everyone as you want every bridesmaid to be happy and confident on the day and not be self conscious.

1) Ombre

Ombre Bridesmaid dress

Source Pintrest

2) Same dress in different neutral shades
Bridesmaid dress

Source Pintrest
This bride chose to use the same dress but in different neutral shades

3) Same colour bit each dress a different style


Source Pintrest
The same rose pink dress, but each dress is in a slightly different style

4) Classic dress with sparkle

Classic with Sparkle dress
It doesn't only need to be the bride that has a bit of sparkle

5) Long Style strapless dress

Long Bridesmaid Dress
Traditional style with full length strapless dresses

6) Patterned and Bright

Patterened and bright
This bride chose to leave tradition and have bold patterns with bright colours

7) Short style dress

Short Style dress
Short bridesmaids dress in pink chiffon

8) Long strapless dresses in vintage pastel colours

Long pastel dress
The same dress but in 3 different colours looks stunning at this vintage style wedding

9) Short and backless

Short and Backless
A shorter length skirt which is backless with a lace finish

10) Long dress with straps

Long dress with straps
This style looks perfect for a vintage glamour theme. A long dress with thick straps and an embellished top.


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