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Planning a Wedding - Cake

One of the main parts of a wedding is the cutting of the cake. It will sit throughout your reception and all your guests will see it and watch both of you cut it, so it is important you consider the design of it.

Some couples opt for a traditional cake with icing and flowers but others are a little more adventurous with their choices. There are so many styles to choose from with lace, hombre colours or even bright sprinkles to not having a traditional style cake at all and going for mini wedding cakes, cupcakes or cheese boards.

Wedding cakes vary in price and it will depend on how many guests you need to feed, whether you are having fruit or sponge and the amount of decoration you require.

Fruit cakes last longer than sponge and it is traditional to keep the top tier to cut at your first child's christening. If going for sponge many couples choose to have different flavours on each tier. We had a sponge cake at our wedding and went for chocolate, traditional sponge and lemon and I have to say it was delicious. The only problem with the different flavours was that our guests wanted to try a piece of each so  there was none left at the end of the evening.

All photos from Pinterest

1) Mini Cakes
A great alternative to a sliced wedding cake and easy to distribute to your guests
Mini wedding cakes

2) Love Story
A romantic idea with a love story in pictures
Love story wedding cake

3) Naked Cake
What is known as a 'Naked Cake'. No icing so the sponge is visible with filling an fruit
Naked wedding cake

4) Patterned Cake
Like the traditional style but want something bolder. How about a patterned cake?
Patterned wedding cake

5) Traditional
Traditional and classic style with icing and flowers on it
Traditional wedding cake

6) Hombre and Ruffles
Why add a little texture to your cake with iced ruffles and add a little colour with an hombre style
Ombre and ruffles

7) Metallic
A popular theme at the moment, adding it to the cake is a great way to carry the theme along
Metalic wedding cake

8) Cake Pops
Another alternative to a traditional wedding cake. Cake pops which can be decorated in endless ways
Cake pops wedding cake

9) Macaroon Tower
Sponge and fruit cake are none existent with this macaroon tower wedding cake.

Macaroon tower wedding cake

10) Rustic
A wedding cake decorated to look like logs with wild flowers
Rustic weddig cake

11) Sprinkles
After some colour and want to show your fun side? Cover your cake with sprinkles
Sprinkles wedding cake

12) Cupcakes
A popular choice for couples not wanting the traditional cake. Some amazing designs to choose from
wedding cupcakes

13) Photo Cake
Why not add some photos to your cake of your special moments together?
Photo wedding cake

14) Cheese Cake
This idea has become really popular over recent years. Forget any form of cake and go for a cheese board.
Cheese board wedding cake

15) Lace
With Vintage, Lace and Pearls being a top trend at the moment this cake is perfect with its lace decoration
Lace wedding cake

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