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Planning a Wedding - Photographer

Your wedding photographer is hugely important as they will be providing you with the lasting memories of your wedding day. If they are no good, you could end up wih photos that you are not happy with and there is no way of getting these replaced. Always look for reviews on a company you are considering booking, i have heard many horror stories about the poor quality of photos provided, the lack of photos or not receiving any at all. A good photographer isn't cheap so make sure you are booking with someone reputable before parting with any money and confirm and get a contract about what they will providing you with.

You will find that there are many photographers with different styles, so you need to consider which style will suit you and the day best.

I found this checklist of questions that you should ask your wedding photographer which looks invaluable.

Check List

1) Traditional

Traditional shots are very formal and are completely posed. The photographer will intervene greatly in coordinating everyone into position.
This style can be very timely as you need to ensure the right guests are waiting at the right time for their photos and the photographer will need to position everyone correctly.

It isn't a style that is used as much anymore as the photos can come across as a little rigid and doesn't always express the atmosphere of the day.


2) Artistic

This style isn't usually posed and you leave the artistic direction to the photographer. There may be a lot of intervention if you would like the more uniquely styled photos, but they may not intervene at all and take photos at their discretion.
If you choose this option then it is important you meet with the photographer to see look at previous portfolios to ensure their style is what you are after. This style can left to interpretation and the photos can be cutting edge but you need to be sure there are no bad surprises when you get your photos.

Artistic wedding

3) Reportage and Contemporary

This is the most popular choice of photo style at the moment as it allows the day to flow in a relaxed way with the least amount of intervention from the photographer. The photos for the reportage style will be taken as if they are a fly on the wall as they happen and they are a fantastic style for getting expressions and reactions from the couple and guests.

Reportage wedding



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