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Planning a Wedding - Transport

The traditional car is still the most popular option for couples but no longer is it the expected choice. Why have a traditional rolls Royce when you can have something that fits in with your theme or personality more. With many couples trying to find unique elements for their day there are some quite unique transport choices which are great fun and provide some fantastic photos.

On my internet travels I came across so many different ideas for transport that I had to stop listing them as it was getting too long. Why restrict yourself to solid ground when you can arrive in a helicopter, hot air balloon or if you venue is suitable a boat or even a ski lift! There are traditional buses, vintage buses, or camper vans and for princess style weddings a horse and carriage

1) Traditional Car
The most popular choice for couples is the traditional car.
traditional wedding car

2) Bus
A double Decker bus to bring the whole wedding party to the venue has become a popular choice. A great idea if your groom is a little nervous and would love to be around everyone as he arrives.

wedding bus

3) Camper Vans
Camper Vans are a fantastic choice for a rustic, beach or shabby chic theme or just because you love them.

wedding camper van

4) Horse and Carriage
Perfect for a princess themed wedding.

Horse and carrage wedding

5) Hot Air Balloon
Why not arrive in style and have a relaxing ride on a hot air balloon with a glass of champagne.
hot air ballon

6) Bike
If your venue isn't too far away and your dress allows, why not bike to the venue. There are some amazing vintage style bikes.

wedding bike

7) Boat
Getting married in the lakes, on the beach or anywhere with some water? Consider arriving on a boat.

Wedding Boat

8) Moped
Wanting something a little retro? What about a Moped?

Wedding Moped

9) Ski Lift
Perhaps the most unusual I came across was the ski lift? Perfect if you are getting married in a ski resort. Perhaps a little chilly!

Wedding Ski Lift

10) Sled
Sticking with the winter theme, a sled. Not one pulled by Husky's (thats to come) but where your dad or another member of the wedding party push you? (if you find any takers)

Wedding Sled

Possibly one of the most popular mode's of transport for anyone getting married in a snowy country are the Husky Sled's.

Huskeys wedding sled

12) Tractor
Having a rustic theme or getting married in a barn. What about a tractor?

Wedding Tractor

13) Yellow Cab
A New York theme is quite popular so why not bring it all together by arriving in a New York Cab?

Wedding Yellow cab

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