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Pink Wedding Theme

Pink is one of my favourite colours for wedding stationery, i always find that a design looks stunning when put with a pale pink shade. It is romantic and girly and is...Read More

Pink Wedding Theme

Coral Wedding Theme

Coral is one of the top trends for 2015, we have completed many orders in this colour scheme and even more samples.  A lovely colour that is between Orange and Pink and works...Read More

Coral Wedding Theme

Harry Potter Themed Wedding

I love looking at featured real weddings and spend ages on wedding blogs looking through all the photos. When i saw this one, i loved it. I am a huge Harry Potter fan, so...Read More

Harry Potter Style Wedding

New York Wedding Theme

A New York theme is really popular as so many couples get engaged there or just love the city!...Read More

New York Wedding Theme

Pearl Theme Wedding

Pearls are extremely popular for weddings at the moment and is one of the top trends. It is often incorporated with lace or sparkle and is popular as it is a romantic and elegant theme...Read More

Pearl Themed Wedding

Grecian Theme Wedding

Bring romantic Greece into your wedding and have  a Grecian theme. Long flowing dresses, gold, architectural props and greek inspired food...Read More

Grecian themed wedding

Showcase Butterfly Lace

Our Butterfly Lace collection has only just been introduced as a design in its own right although we have been making it for a few years. Our Prestige collection was introduced a few years ago and has been one of our best selling designs...Read More

Showcase Butterfly Lace

Showcase Lace and Pearls

We adore our Lace and Pearls collection, it is one of my favourites of our new 2015 designs. This blog post is going to feature this design closely and let you know what makes it so special...Read More

Showcase lace and pearls designs

Sunshine Yellow Wedding Theme

Any shade of yellow is perfect for a summer wedding or on a beach somewhere. It is vibrant, full of life and will brighten any wedding day.  It is an easy colour to work with and  works especially well when put together with another colour like grey or navy...Read More


sunshine yellow wedding theme

Floral Theme

Using flowers as a main decoration has become very popular, especially with the shabby chic and country garden themes. Fresh flowers aren't the only way to bring this theme...Read More

Floral Theme wedding

Wedding Cake Ideas

Wedding cakes used to be served as goodl uck to the couple and guests, but in recent times it is used more as a centre piece and for the 'cutting of the cake' photos and...Read More

Planning a Wedding Cake

Planning a Wedding - Rings

ost couples choose to exchange wedding rings during their service, but choosing one that reflects your personality is a big choice. Many couples choose...Read More

wedding rings

Planning a Wedding - Venue Decoration

When you go to look at a venue have a think before about what colours you may have or what theme and see if that venue would work with them. If you look at a...Read More

Wedding venue decoration

Planning a Wedding - Entertainment

Wedding entertainment is what makes the day end with a bang, whether its a traditional theme you need or something more modern this article will give you some great ideas...Read More

wedding entertainment ideas

Planning a Wedding - Engagement Rings

Getting engaged is a really exciting time. Sometimes your partner will have chosen a ring for you and sometimes the proposal will happen and you go out and choose the ring together...Read More

Engagement Rings

Planning a Wedding - Make Up

Your wedding day is probably going to be the one day in your life when you will be photographed the most so you want to look your best and have make up that will...Read More
Planning a wedding make up

Planning a Wedding - Hair

One of the most important parts of your outfit is the hair style you choose. You will need to consider the length of your hair and whether you are going to use a hair piece or...Read More

Planning a wedding hair

Planning a Wedding - Shoes

Wedding shoes are a compulsory item to be worn, whether you buy a new pair or use a pair you already have, no wedding outfit is complete without them...Read More

Planning wedding shoes

Planning a Wedding - Hair Accessories and Veils

If you have picked your perfect wedding dress, you will need that perfect hair accessory for a final touch. When choosing your hair accessory you really need to consider the style of you dress...Read More

Wedding Hair and Accessories

Planning a Wedding - Favours

Wedding favours can be an added expense and many couples on allocate a small budget towards them. If you only have a small amount to spend on favours make sure it is something that...Read More

Planning a wedding favours

Planning a Wedding - Bridesmaid Gifts

I see this thread on forums all the time with brides stuck for ideas on what to buy their bridesmaids. It isn't compulsory to buy anyone in the bridal party a gift and it is an added expense to your already stretching budget...Read More

Bridesmaid Gifts

Planning a Wedding - Colour Scheme

The colour scheme you pick for your wedding can set the vibe and tone for the day so it important that you choose wisely. Consider the venue, the formality of your wedding and the colours you like. ..Read More
Planning a Wedding - Colour Scheme

Planning a Wedding Transport

The traditional car is still the most popular option for couples but no longer is it the expected choice. Why have a traditional rolls Royce when you can have something that fits in with your theme or personality more...Read More

Planning a wedding transport

Planning a Wedding - Invitations and Stationery

Your wedding invitations are a really important part of your wedding plans as they are the first thing your guests will see so you need to choose them carefully. Do you want to give your guests a glimpse of your wedding theme or leave it as a mystery?.. Read More

Planning a weddiing invitations and stationery

Planning a Wedding - Cake

One of the main parts of a wedding is the cutting of the cake. It will sit throughout your reception and all your guests will see it and watch both of you cut it, so it is important you consider the design of it...Read More

Planning a weeding Cake

Planning a Wedding - Flowers

Wedding flowers are a fantastic way tyo decorate your wedding venue. The wedding flowers you pick will be a large part of your day...Read More

Planning a Wedding Flowers

Planning a Wedding - Suits

In previous years suits weren't classed as an overly important part of a wedding day with many grooms, best men and ushers wearing their own suit and no-one matching. However the suit has...Read More
Planning a Wedding Suits

Planning a Wedding - Bridesmaids Dresses

Picking a bridesmaids dress can be difficult as you are often trying to cater for a group of ladies who are all different sizes, suit different styles or colour and have different tastes. Normally brides will pick one style of dress....Read More
Planning a wedding bridesbaid dress

Planning a Wedding - The Dress

Ok, so I have spoke about the venue and photographer being the most important choices at a wedding, but in reality, deep down it is all about the dress. When I first got engaged that is the first thing I looked at...Read More
Planning a Wedding Dress

Planning a Wedding Videographer

A new concept, but having a videographer has become very common and is a must for some couples. Obviously you will have your photographs to look back on, but having a video that captures all of your day, hearing your voices making your vows, the speeches, the expressions as...Read More

Planning a wedding videographer

Planning a Wedding - Photographer

Your wedding photographer is hugely important as they will be providing you with the lasting memories of your wedding day. If they are no good, you could end up wih photos that you are not happy with and there is no way of getting these replaced. Always look for reviews on a company you are considering booking...Read More
Planning a Wedding Photographer

Planning a Wedding - Venue Choice

Choosing your venue is one of the biggest decisions you will make during the planning process and will be one of the first things you will book, sometimes a couple of years ahead. ...Read More
Planning a wedding venue choice

Planning a Wedding

Organising a wedding is a mammoth task and probably the only time you will have to do something on this scale. It can be a really stressful and time consuming time but at the same time fun and enjoyable looking around for ideas and getting creative....Read More

Planning a Wedding

Feature on marieclaire's blog

I often search around the internet to see where our website appears and general research. We can sometimes be featured in discussions on forums and have wedding directories linking to us and feature in wedding magazines,  but during my search i had an amazing surprise as i found a blog that was posted in May by marieclaire...Read More

Feature on marieclaire's blog

1920's, Gatsby, Art Deco wedding theme

This is quite a new theme that has emerged over the last couple of years and perhaps has become popular due to the success of programs like Downton Abbey and 'The Great Gatsby' film. This theme is glamorous, fun and a little cheeky...Read More

1920s Gatsby Wedding Theme

Winter Wonderland

Our Winter Wonderland collection is a very popular choice each year for couples and is an elegant and luxurious design.  The sparkly snowflake makes this a perfect wedding invitation for a winter wedding theme...Read More

Winter themed wedding stationery

Rose Garden

Our Rose Garden design is a pretty and elegant design which is perfect for a spring or summer wedding with a country garden or floral theme...Read More

Showcase rose garden

Showcase Regency

Regency is a modern and contemporary design available in many ribbon colours to suit your colour scheme. Perfect for a classic and elegant wedding theme...Read More

Showcase Regency

Showcase Pearl Bow

Pearl Bow is one of our newest luxury designs. It is an elegant and classic design and  is perfect for anyone looking for a lace and pearl or vintage style wedding invitation. We have a large range of embellishments to choose from should you wish to use an alternative to the pearl bow...Read More
Pearl Bow Showcase

Showcase Glamour

Our Glamour design has been in our collection for quite a few years and is a popular choice for couples. It is a classic design with added sparkle and bling and is perfect for anyone looking for an invite for a vintage glamour theme...Read More

Showcase Glamour

Showcase Prestige

One of our best sellers is our Prestige collection due its delicate and simple design. It is perfect for anyone having a romantic vintage theme or lace and pearls...Read More

Showcase prestige


The Filigree collection is one of my favourites as it is so simple but the stunning embellishment adds so much classic style. It is perfect for anyone wanting a classic vintage style wedding....Read More
Showcase Filigree

Showcase Timeless

Our next showcase is Timeless which is one of our newest designs. It is perfect for a classic and simple theme along with gatsby or artdeco...Read More



Timeless Showcase

Glitter, Sparkle and Glitzy themes

This is quite a new theme that has become popular with couples who are looking for a bit of sparkle and glitz at their wedding. It is a tricky theme to use as....Read More

Glitter Sparkle Theme

Fairytale wedding theme

'and they lived happily ever after'...... is the perfect ending to all fairytales so is perfect for adding into a fairytale wedding theme. Many brides want to be a princess for a day and love the idea of a fairytale wedding theme. Think roses,  pink, sparkle and carriages....Read More

Fairytale wedding theme

Rustic Wedding Theme

Rustic themes are a new trend that have proved to be really popular for couples over the last couple of years. It involves anything outdoors and natural, so if you .....Read More

Rustic wedding themes

Butterfly Wedding Theme

Butterflies have been common as a wedding theme since we began in 2006 and is still popular now as they are elegant and romantic. It symbolises the changes in .....Read More

Wedding Stationery Blog Information

Lace and Pearl Wedding Theme

Vintage style weddings are so popular with couples at the moment and many choose to use pearls and lace as their wedding theme. It is a really versatile theme ......Read More

Wedding Stationery Blog Information

Showcase: Vienna Collection

It is perfect for a classic or sparkly  wedding theme with all the sparkling crystals on the droplet embellishment and is such a simple design that it oozes elegance.....Read More

Wedding Stationery Blog Information

Winter Wedding Theme

For weddings booked throughout the winter months, a winter wedding theme is common. The most popular way to incorporate this into your wedding stationery is.... Read More

Wedding Stationery Blog Information

Vintage Wedding Theme

Romantic and delicate a Vintage wedding theme has been very popular in the last couple of years and doesn't look like it is going anywhere soon. Using lace and pearls on wedding stationery is.....Read More

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